About Us

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Café Oasis is, if not unique, an extremely rare phenomenon in England; a stylish and fashionable café bar with incredible views, easy parking, excellent food and drinks served by polite and friendly staff. Café Oasis was founded in 1996 by shy and retiring lawyer Paul Cocks, on the footprint of an underperforming seaside Café, and has gone from strength to strength, offering a relaxed and quality eating and drinking experience day and evening.

Drive, walk or cycle, take a table inside, on the patio or the beach. Take in the view and the crowd, choose some excellent wine and seafood or just enjoy the fulfilment of proper coffee.

The music is mellow, the food is excellent and the staff are memorable; you might catch a glimpse of the boss either chatting to customers or making sure the servers are meeting his exacting standards of coffee making. Paul likes his customers and treats his staff well that is why people come back time and again. Café Oasis is very addictive and the list of addicts is getting longer. Be warned there might be no escape.

While at Café Oasis you can also buy, either by single bottle or in bulk, some excellent wine. Paul is sole Dorset agent for Liberty Wines , importers and distributors of a multi prize winning range of excellent and prestigious wines from around the world. For a small selection, also available to buy online, please go to our wine shopping page here